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We are at the blogging again!  This year we want our Charlotte Law family even more involved and following us on our journey, along with getting a token from Africa when we get back. 

This April we are bringing back from Tanzania handmade products for pre-order.  This lists includes thick designed layered bracelets ($10),  single-layer bracelets, multi-colored ($5), beaded bowls ($12), and beautiful handmade layered stars (with silver tassels)($10) just for YOU!

Pictures of a small layout of the items is attached.   The proceeds from the sales will go to assisting children in orphanages and schools with diapers, clothes, and other donations. 

How you pre-order:

  • Go to our donation website: https://sites.google.com/site/arushachildrensfund/home?pli=1
  • Click on DONATE (left side of the page)
  • Follow the instructions for the donation, in the donation box put the amount of the item (priced above) that you wish for us to bring back.
  • Then under “comment” section (after you click “review donation and continue” and tell us what you would like along with the preferred color (we will get as close as possible to your first choice) and submit.
  • If you feel more comfortable paying cash email me at holtab@students.charlottelaw.edu to meet you on campus and I will take your order in person.

We are ecstatic to share this wonderful opportunity with you.  


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